Elsa Hair Braid from Frozen Movie

elsa hair braid frozen

Elsa Hair Braid

The recent release of the Disney movie Frozen has reinvented the French braid once again. The Elsa hair braid from Frozen movie is worn by the main character Elsa the snow queen.  It is easy to achieve on thick hair and doesn’t require any advanced hairstyling skills. It is important to loosely curl the top layers of your hair to create the height and root lift. A little backcombing or teasing is required at the top section root area.

If you are not blessed with thick hair, attach hair wefts to maximize the chunky braid effect – alternate with different hair tones to add texture and definition.  Begin braiding the hair at the back of the head.  Finally pinch the braid out to make it fuller followed by accessories for added glam.

The hairstyle goddess Lilith Moon explains how to get the Elsa braid in this step by step video tutorial – hope you enjoyed watching.

elsa hair braid frozen

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